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Pickle be racing BMX since 1975 until end of 2002 season (ages 16-43 !);
Semi-UNretired in 55 cruiser; retired expert (back on 20"in Intermediate, oh well, making art! Little time to train and gettin' old!)
Pick's got nine #1 plates on 20" and 24"ers; District, State and Regional.
placed at a bunch of Nationals over the years...
...oh, and 6th at the '87 World Cup once. That was kinda cool, I guess.
Pickle used to live in San Francisco, and thrashed at Golden Gate Park, and (sometimes) races all over NorCal, but NOW he lives large in Portland Oregon! Making art with wife Kate! Still riding BMX, tandem and fixies all over stumptown. Come on up for a ride, buddy.

Sounds that tickle THIS pickle are: Metallica, Buddy Guy, Megadeth, Gene Krupa, Rob Zombie, Rock'n'Roll Soldiers, the Hives, the Donnas, Public Enemy, Mel Torme, Scorpions, Gene Vincent and his Blue Caps, Morphine (I dig bass), Filter, Bud E. Love and His Big Band, Tad, Y&T, "Big Mama" Thornton, Mind Funk, Otis Rush, Joe Satriani, Count Basie Orchestra, Candlebox, T-Bone Walker, Stone Roses, Dinah Washington, Smashing Pumpkins, AC/DC, STP, 311, ZZ-Top, Bobby Darin, Collective Soul, Soul Coughing, Reacharound, Social Distortion.......makes ya wanna ride, huh?