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Daly City's Mussel Rock BMX future (someday?) track info page

Steve's Rant:

August 16th, 2000 (updated 5/22/2001): Well, dirt lovers... Seems like the Daly City City Council has tied The Recreation Department's hands.
They put any BMX track development ON HOLD until the City Council and the Feds works out something on those homes that are sliding down the cliff near the proposed BMX track site. (remember El Nino and La Nina?)
We've all been waiting over 20 years for just ONE track to open on the entire San Francisco peninsula, and NOW it's stalled for who-knows-how-long!
YOU DO THIS: Call City Hall (650-991-8000) and ask to talk to the City Manager OR any member of the City Council of Daly City!
Let them know that you represent thousands of kids and adults that need a BMX track to ride safely on instead of being forced onto the dangerous streets everyday.
Tell them that BMX deserves the same treatment that Soccer, Baseball, and other sports get by the City. tell them BMX is the largest participant sport in America (that's a fact, Jack!)!
We'll even take the site of an abandoned dump, although a nice park setting, like SOME cities provide, would be nicer to the City's own children...
Remember, call THESE numbers to plead our case for your BMX track:
City Manager and City Council: 650-991-8000
Greg Johnson at Recreation dept.: 650-991-8001

The futureDaly City BMX track (next to San Francisco) is stuck!
Location was supposed to be the southwest corner of Daly City at the old Mussel Rock dumpsite.
Tangent off of Westline Drive in Daly City, behind the Mussel Rock transfer station. Off of 280, take highway 1 south to Edgemar (Pacifica) exit, turn West, then turn right on Palmetto, follow to Mussel Rock.

December 1999: The Sanction choice is still up in the air, but the choice seems to have swung from originally thinking NBL to probably going ABA, to maybe giving NBL another slim chance, we'll see...

The Mussel Rock site overlooks the Pacific Ocean.
Some practice trails should be be included in the area design, we think.
Also, either in or next to the track, we may include X-game type dirt-jumping jumps (woohoo!).
The track will not be too long or too short at no more than 1,000 feet.
Pictures of the site and more details are coming soon, check back at least every week!

January 14th,2000: I sat down with the Recreation Dept track coordinator, the Broadmoor Bike Shop owners, and the track/landscape Architect.
We discussed what the track needs are and land requirements, as well as air and soil quality issues.
Then we went out tpo the track site and surveyed the area for layout and design, which will include the BMX racetrack and X-Game style jumps all in a fenced area (provided by Specialized Bicycles). We plan on including at least two ability levels of X-jumps, too. More later.

February 16th,2000: We REALLY need startup money for the track. So far, Specialized has offered a few thousand dollars, but we need several thousand more for the track's land architect, fencing, gate, starting pad and other things!

If anyone wants to help and get great publicity/advertising in return (we plan on cross-advertising with the ESPN XGames and more!), contact Steve (me) at 415-682-7261, Greg Johnson at Daly City Recreation at 650-991-8001, or Broadmoor Bicycles in Daly City/Colma and ask for Regi or Roger.

Peace, and check out the ragin' BMX riders at the X-Games August 17, 18, 19,2000... Dirt, Vert, and Street!

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