A sampling of the quilts available, click on an image to view larger

Green Baby Quilt
This Green Flannel baby quilt is nice and soft. The batting is a light weight poly fil. $50.00
King Size Quilt
This yellow and blue quilt is for a king size bed. I can customize the colors and size for you.
rail fenceRail Fence Quilt
This is a very colorful Rail Fence Quilt with aqua blue boarders, it measures 59" x 80". The backing is a light tan 100% cotton fabric. The batting is a light weight poly fil. I stitched in the ditch around the quilt and in various places in the middle of the quilt. $100.00
rabbitRabbit Quilt
Any little girl will love this adorable 50" x 42" quilt, with rabbits and various bright colored 7 1/2" squares. The backing is a panel of the same rabbit squares. It has a light poly filling, tied in each square. $35.00
Custom made queen size quilt. I can customize the colors and size for you.
CartoonCartoon Quilt
Any little boy will love this adorable quilt with aqua blue boarders and sashings. The cartoon characters of Bugs Bunny playing basketball with Sylvester the cat and baby Daffy Duck makes this a fun quilt. The back is flannel fabric showing Taz playing football with Bugs Bunny. A nice light weight quilt that measures 80" x 54". $100.00
clown Clown Quilt
This cheerful quilt measures 43" x 43". The sashing and boarders are cute with little clowns and each of the 7 1/2" squares have cute little animals. The backing is a bright blue flannel with sunshine smiling faces making this a light weight quilt that any little child will love. $50.00
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